Tauchclub Neptun Moosburg

Diejeningen, die mir die ersten Lektionen des Tauchens beibrachten - Vielen Dank! Vor allem an Robert, Uwe, Rudi und natürlich Peter und Elke!

Barakuda DC in Dahab, Egypt

Where we did our first fin kicks teached by our very patient dive instructor Werner Müller.

Ai Futaki

Our videographer who supported me during my first months as dive instructor with her experience and a lot of sushi.

Steve Bogaerts

My cave instructor who tried to teach me "hovering without moving" and "frog kick" and really trained me to survive!


My good friend and marine biologist Phil Jones founded this organisation to help people of Palestine. I learned a lot about small species from him. Thanks Phil!

Tauchcenter Yucatek Divers, Playa del Carmen, Yucatan, Mexico

This experienced dive center gave me the opportunity to work as an "professional".

Karin Pointner

Our videographer at Yucatek Divers and my prefered Cave Buddy!

Tauchclub Thumsee

My new diving home zone